How to Keep Your Car's Leather Looking Great During the Winter in Lubbock, TX

How to Keep Your Car's Leather Looking Great During the Winter

Ashley Ramirez's Blog | How to Keep Your Car's Leather Looking Great During the Winter

During these cold winter months, we can sure abuse our car’s interior. We can be especially tough on our leather seats and trim. Snow packed boots, soaking wet rain gear and drippy umbrellas are just a few things that can ruin leathers’ beautiful rich image. I want to share with you some great tips that can help you keep your car's leather interior looking its best throughout the winter season.

  • Start by cleaning your leather with a good leather cleaner. Cleaners come in all forms, and it doesn’t matter if you choose a spray, cream or wipes. Just make sure the one you choose is ph balanced and safe for sealed and natural leathers and can effectively remove dirt, debris, grime, and stains.
  • Clean your leather interior with a leather cleaning brush. Some of the best are made of soft horse's hair bristles. Start at the top of the seats and work your way down. Work the cleaner into the leather using a circular motion and wipe off with a microfiber cloth.
  • Finish with a leather conditioner. Find one that is enriched with vitamin E and aloe to restore the leather as well as one that is formulated with a UV protectant.
  • Apply the conditioner using a microfiber sponge or cloth. Buff off excess conditioner to finish. The conditioner also helps maintain the fresh new leather smell.

Leather is just like our skin; It doesn’t like to be exposed to extremely cold environments. It is an expensive option so if you clean and condition it every 60-90 days you are helping to ensure the investment you made in it. Whether you find leather on your seats or in the trim work, these tips can help keep it soft, subtle and protected from anything Old Man Winter throws its way. To see all the new and used cars with beautiful leather interior on our lot, contact me today.

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