Sing Out Loud in Your Car! in Lubbock, TX

Sing Out Loud in Your Car!

Ashley Ramirez's Blog | Sing Out Loud in Your Car!

Your vocal abilities in your car might be something everyone knows about you, or, it just might be your little driving secret.

There are those who feel comfortable turning up the volume in their car to have a one-person jam session. They often become completely engulfed in a song that they forget others on the road can see them, but most, just do not care. It is often when stopped at a traffic light where you see them singing proudly into their fist or playing their air guitar, and if your windows are rolled down, sometimes, you can even hear them

Then there are those who are "secret car singers." These drivers sing very low, if at all, or will only mouth the lyrics to songs. It isn't until they are driving alone, on a stretch of road with little to no traffic, when they feel it is safe enough to belt out the words to their favorite song.

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but around 90% of drivers sing at some point while driving. That's right, there is no reason to hide your singing or to stop yourself from thoroughly enjoying the music in your car. Just about everyone is doing it!

Therefore, be brave and belt it out!

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